Band Theme Limited

Band Theme is an amazing new service for musicians and bands who want to get an expensive-looking, professional website for a tiny fraction of the cost of going to a web design agency or a freelance web developer.

Brought to you by The Creative Corporation, one of the world's leading digital agencies for the music industry, who have created websites for everyone from Katy Perry to Bruce Springsteen, Band Theme empowers bands and musicians to build there own WordPress website with the greatest of ease, in next to no time.

With everything you could want or expect from the versatile WordPress platform available, from embedded music players for Spotify to WooCommerce online stores for merchandise any physical music, Band Theme really takes things to the next level.

You will find a whole range of theme styles, designed to fit with numerous different genres of music, from country to hip hop and much more.

Set to launch in 2021, Band Theme is ready to take the music industry by storm!

0208 292 989

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