We stock Olfa Cutters and Olfa Spare Blades

World famous Olfa® rotary cutters, Olfa® art and craft knifes, Olfa® blades, Olfa® quilt rulers and Olfa® self-healing mats.

Olfa tools are world renowned for high quality, efficiency, durability and with user safety importance; OLFA® maintain a commitment in providing high class premium products.

The superior quality of OLFA blades is the result of a multi-step production process.

Only the finest quality tool steel is selected for use.

We stock full range of Olfa Self-healing, professional quality Mats

Olfa RM 30 x 30 - Olfa Rotating Mat - RM

Olfa Cutting Mat CM-A1 - Mat Size: 90cm x 60cm x 2mm

Olfa CM-A2 Cutting Mat - Mat Size: 60cm x 43mm x 2mm

Olfa A3 Cutting Mat - CM-A3Mat Size: 43cm x 30cm x 2mm
Olfa CM-A3 Half Cutting Mat Two colour double sided backing board self healing mat-
Mat Size: 17cm x 45cm

Many more mats to choose from visit us at Olfacutters.co.uk - Collection welcome from our Birmingham warehouse,



Olfa Self Healing Cutting Mats for Arts and Crafts
Olfa Blade Disposal Options, For safety, environment & convenience
Scissors - Olfa High Quality Scissors

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