Tonic Virtual Assistant Services

Are you a small business owner? Doing well but never seem to have enough hours in the day and struggling with work/life balance?

Perhaps you know you're missing out on some opportunities – late responses to enquiries, spending “flat” time making arrangements, doing admin or research can all impact on the productive time you spend making a profit and invigorating your business.

Employing your own PA or Administrator is a large outlay for a growing business. It's not just a salary; consider those additional costs such as tax, insurances, benefits, training, and infrastructure such as office space and IT equipment. And how do you cover when they're on holiday or off sick?

With Tonic Virtual Assistant Services you decide how much help you need and pay a fixed price without the additional overheads. See our website for a full list of services including:

• Administration
• Research
• Travel Organisation
• Event Organisation
• Staffing
• Home, Family & Occasions

Tonic Virtual Assistant Services


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